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Shopping Process

Placing an order with is very easy. Here are the steps you need to follow. If you have any problem when following these steps, please contact us via whatsapp: +1(914)-316-0280 or email to

1. Find the Items You Want
First choose from our large range of motorcycle fairings available that you would like to order. 

2. Add the Items to Your Shopping Cart
If you want to order an item from, click the "Add To Cart" button. If you want to remove an item from your cart, you just need to click the bin button to delete it.

3. Proceed to Checkout
Take a moment to review all of the items you've placed in your Shopping Cart. When you're ready to place an order for everything in the "Shopping Cart Items", click the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button. You will be taken to the page of sign in.

4. Sign In/Creat An Account
Enter your email address, password. If you are a new guest here, please register by clicking the button "CREAT AN ACCOUNT" , finish the Consignee Info and click "Proceed to Checkout". Once it finished, you will be taken to the checkout page.

5. Submit Your Order
Choose the Payment Method (Paypal) and Shipping Method (EMS) for your convenience. (If you have a coupon number, you can input your coupon number in the other info column.) Then click the “SUBMIT” button. Your order will be created after a moment. 
If you've set up an account with us and decide to checkout later, you can click "Add to wish list" and then we will save your data. If you do not have an account with us you’ll have to register before you can checkout.

Note: If you have any special needs, just add a note into the order postscript in this step.

6. Payment

Your order has now been received, you will receive an comfirmation of your orders. Now you need to click "Pay in Paypal immediately" to arrange the payment.

7. Your Fairings Are Manufacturered

Your order will be submitted to our factory where manufacturing will begin.

8. Once Completed, Your Fairings Will be Shipped Out

This process will take about 7-10 days in total from the day you placed the order. We'll send you the real pictures to confirm your order before we dispatch it.


9. Order Tracking

We'll keep you updated on the status of your order. A tracking number can be provided then. You also can log into our website to track your orders.